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geobio is an interactive sculpture comprised of commonplace appliances that double as controllers. Each button, switch, and knob on these appliances produce an affect on the landscape surrounding you. With these controls the viewer has the ability to transform the natural world into noisy electronics, quicken the speed of the sun, or change the weather in the environment. In response to the participant's interaction, a generative soundscape and landscape forms as each button produces a unique object and sound. If the player chooses not to interact with the appliances and remain idle, the landscape will regenerate.



Larme is a side-scrolling puzzle platformer in which you unveil the mystery behind the disappearance of your parents in a sci-fi fairy tale. Ramiel, a child of scientists, inherits goggles that are imbued with the power to peek into an alternate time.




In Split, the player collects objects on two displays to accumulate form while avoiding opposing shapes. The game sets the player in a primal simulation where we confront ideological polarities to reflect on our social discordance. In the program, we are trying to process a political division we experience between our loved ones.



Sky is a slow paced, atmospheric sound-explorer that allows the player to create relationships of sound, line and image by navigating an open world of clouds and constellations.



With[]In is a project that combines poetry and drawing in an interactive setting. The poem was written and read by Jonathon Simkins. 




The play of RAT_S takes on how we view/create other kinds of physical art with a sway, moving up close and then further back, to have a more immersed and full experience with exploration. Playing in between stylization and abstraction, the game focuses on line, color and perception for a surreal experience. RAT_S meets the player half-way allowing them to analyze and interact freely within the set limitations.


Justin Ankenbauer

Justin Ankenbauer was born 1987 in Kentucky.  He received his BFA in painting at Western Kentucky University.  He now lives and works in Denver, Colorado.

Acting skeptically with spontaneity, shapes are found through feeling his way across the surface.  Through acting and then assessing, refreshing and then expanding, each work is organically found.  He creates work to convey how we connect through process and to reinforce the importance of caring for and exploring the unknown through play.

Clay Brooks

Clay is an Illustrator, Painter, and Game Artist working in Denver. His illustration and fine art works are created digitally using methods and principles established by old masters. Clay’s constant study and experimentation in traditional media, from graphite to oil paint, informs his painting process as a digital artist. His work generally falls into the category of imaginative realism with a slight lean toward science fiction and fantasy.

David Fraile

David Fraile is an electronic technician and multimedia artist living in Denver, Colorado. His work explores the nature of analog and digital systems, using hand built or modified circuits and code to create generative media environments. 

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